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Aspire Program for High Performing Students

Please carefully read the following information, taking note of due dates, then follow the link at the bottom of this page to complete the application form. 





What is the Aspire Program for High Performing Students?

  • Gifted students are those whose potential is distinctly above average in one or more of the following domains of human ability: intellectual, creative, social and physical.
  • Talented students are those whose skills are distinctly above average in one or more areas of human performance (Adapted from Gagne, 2009).

A High Performing Students extension class curriculum should be modified in breadth, depth and nature. Gifted students need a climate where they can take risks and make mistakes, identify and develop their own strengths, undertake challenging activities, have opportunities for creativity and student initiated activities, and are encouraged to achieve academic excellence.

Students undertaking the Aspire Program will be encouraged to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities such as integrated units of work that are compacted and accelerated, such as public speaking, external exams, science and technology competitions, challenge days and art and design exhibitions. It is envisaged that students who undergo this program will develop positive attitudes to learning and advanced academic skills.

After Year 7, students may also choose to take part in our High Performing Students Enrichment Program, which is open to students from Years 8 – 10, where individual research projects are completed to extend students in their area of gift or talent.

How are students selected for the Aspire Program?

Entry to the program is by application and supporting nomination by a student’s primary school. They are then required to:

  • Sit a GAT (General Achievement Test) at Wallsend Campus on Monday 24 May 2021. 
  • Attend an interview at Wallsend Campus with coordinating teachers. Interviews will take on Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 May 2021.  You will be notified of the date and time of your interview by 23 April 2021. 
Selection criteria used to determine class placement
  • Strong academic performance across a range of subjects with developed literacy and numeracy skills
  • High level of self-motivation
  • Positive attitudes to school and learning, including homework
  • Ability to work in a team in learning situations
  • Positive behaviours which enhance learning

Applications will be considered by a panel of staff from CCWC. This consideration includes recommendations from Year 6 teachers and may include further consultation with them if necessary.

How do I apply?

Applications are now online. Please follow the link below to complete the online form, which must be completed by Wednesday 24 March 2021. Applicants are also required to email two work samples to Wallsend Campus. Full details about the work samples required can be found in the application form.  

What next? 

GENERAL ACHIEVEMENT TEST: Students are required to sit an exam, called the GAT (General Achievement Test). The duration of the test is two hours, providing an objective measurement of students’ proficiency across core skills of Mathematics, Reading, and Writing. Wallsend Campus Aspire Program team members will be supervising the exam. An external body will mark and collate student results. 

This will be held on MONDAY 24 MAY 2021 in our school hall. An invitation with more details will be sent by mail to all applicants by Friday 23 April 2021. Students that are unable to attend the exam due to either illness or travel will be given the opportunity to sit a ‘make-up’ exam on Tuesday 1 June 2021. If you wish to claim this option, CCWC must be notified prior to 9.00am on Monday 24 May 2021 and a Medical Certificate or Travel Documents MUST BE PROVIDED as proof of claim.

ASPIRE PROGRAM INTERVIEWS: Students will be allocated an interview time on Tuesday 25 or Wednesday 26 May 2021. Interviews will be held at Wallsend Campus with Mrs Barron, Aspire Program coordinater. They will take approximately 15 minutes and students will have the opportunity to present an additional work sample that supports their individual gift or talent (digital submissions must be on USB) and discuss the skills/abilities utilised in composing the submitted work samples.  


Students will be notified of the outcome of their application by email by Wednesday 14 July 2021. Where the number of short-listed students exceeds the number of places available, a reserve list will be established. No further information about the reserve list will be available following the initial notification by email. Should a place become available those placed on the reserve list will be notified immediately in rank order. Parents/carers must confirm an offer of Aspire Program placement by Friday 23 July by return email. Failure to do so will cancel the offer and allow the place to be made available to another student.