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Aspire Program for High Performing Students

Callaghan College was established to provide new horizons and new opportunities for our students. In this spirit Callaghan College Wallsend Campus (CCWC) aims to build upon its programs for high performing students by offering enrolment in our Aspire Program. 

What is the Aspire Program for High Performing Students?

The High Potential and Gifted Education Policy promotes engagement and challenge for every student, regardless of background, in every school across intellectual, creative, social-emotional and physical domains. It supports every student to achieve their educational potential, through talent development opportunities and differentiated teaching and learning practices to ensure that their specific learning and wellbeing needs are met.

Students undertaking the Aspire Program will be encouraged to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities such as integrated units of work that are compacted and accelerated, such as public speaking, external exams, science and technology competitions, challenge days and art and design exhibitions. It is envisaged that students who undergo this program will develop positive attitudes to learning and advanced academic skills.

After Year 7, students may also choose to take part in our GATS Enrichment Program, which is open to students from Years 8 – 10, where individual research projects are completed to extend students in their area of gift or talent.


Selection criteria used to determine class placement
  • Strong academic performance across a range of subjects with developed literacy and numeracy skills
  • High level of self-motivation
  • Positive attitudes to school and learning, including homework
  • Ability to work in a team in learning situations
  • Positive behaviours which enhance learning

Applications will be considered by a panel of staff from CCWC. This consideration includes recommendations from Year 6 teachers and may include further consultation with them if necessary.

Placement in the class is competitive and merit based. Positions in the class are regularly reviewed. Students are not guaranteed to continue in their class should their academic performance or behaviour become a cause for concern. CCWC reserves the right to change a student’s placement where evidence exists that the needs of all students may better be served by doing so.

How do I apply?

Entry to the program is by application and supporting nomination by a student’s primary school. They are then required to:

APPLY ONLINE: Complete the online application form (link below)

GENERAL ACHIEVEMENT TEST: Students are required to sit an exam, called the General Achievement Test. The duration of the test is two hours, providing an objective measurement of students’ proficiency across core skills of mathematics, reading and language and writing. Wallsend Campus Aspire Program team members will be supervising the exam. An external body will mark and collate student results.

INTERVIEW: Attend an interview at Wallsend Campus with coordinating teachers. You will be sent details of the interview BY EMAIL. Please ensure you provide a valid email address that you check regularly when completing the application program.  

What to bring: A work sample that supports their individual gift or talent. At this interview students will provide and discuss the skills/abilities utilised in composing the work samples.   

OUTCOME: Students will be notified of the outcome of their application by mail. Where the number of short-listed students exceeds the number of places available, a reserve list will be established. No further information about the reserve list will be available following initial notification by post. Should a place become available those placed on the reserve list will be notified immediately in rank order.


APPLY NOW: Follow the link below to apply - applications close Thursday 4 May 2023