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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Callaghan College Wallsend Campus is a Bring Your Own Device school and as such students may bring a device which will attach to the DoE wireless.

Essentially students bring a device (if they choose) and connect to the DoE wireless (instructions below) and use the device in their class, if the teacher chooses to do so. 

With the introduction of the Canvas LMS students are encouraged to make this investment to support their learning.

It is important to understand the school takes no responsibility for the device. Technical support is available in the library during breaks. Parents need to sign the permission note below electronically.

Further details are available on the following documents.

  • NSW DoE Student use of Digital Devices and Online Services Policy 
  • Permission note – electronic form
  • Device options – CCWC recommends a device which your child is most comfortable using, as long as it connects to the DoE network you are able to use it. Research shows successful BYOD schools allows students to use what they want. As we support both 2.4ghz and 5ghz wireless your choice is almost unlimited – as long as it support using a pac file (An option for proxy auto-configuration). The best option is to talk to your local computer store and see the range and find a device which suits your price range – tablets and laptops are the best option – either Windows, Apple or Android – your choice!
  • Free software (PDF 321.1KB) – the DoE has made available Microsoft and Adobe Software for free for all students! Students also have access to Microsoft 365 through their DoE portal – this includes 5 free installs of office!
  • Connecting your device – simply connect your device to detnsw network using your school username@detnsw and your password. Accessing the internet on your own device: and logon with:  username@detnsw
  • If you need assistance Rosa (TSO) is available in the library during breaks.
  • Printing and scanning – CCWC has a state-of-the-art Xerox copier system – students can print from any device using the Web Printing option as well as manage their printing. Students need to purchase printing credit from the front office, they can then access Papercut from inside the school and print. 


Callaghan College now has an online site for parents/carers to purchase HP laptops at a discounted price. - 
(The code is CallaghanC)