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Technology - What Do We Have?

Technology is the backbone for all administration and education at Wallsend Campus, as the concept of 21st century learning is embraced - ranging from the Principal using iPhone and iPad connectivity to the General Assistant managing tasks electronically through Sentral!

 iPad's are common place as all Executive, Year Advisors and several faculties all use this technology at work and home to mark rolls, do reports, plan lessons, communicate and innovate. All staff have access to the system 24/7 from anywhere in the world. You can even watch live television from any device throughout the campus.
Callaghan College has an integrated, web based system, accessible to all members of the campus on demand. 


SharePoint Online:
WorldClass intranet used by major corporations across the world. CCWC has customised SharePoint for educational purposes allowing staff to collaborate and communicate in a seamless manner.

Parent Portal – this is where you can track your child’s attendance, class awards (gotchas), message teachers, view newsletters, timetables, daily notices, parent teacher interview bookings, download reports, view progress on the literacy continuum, view plans (if your child has one) etc. It is basically the administration side of your child being at school every day. The students also have their own Student Portal where they can look at their timetables, gotchas (awards) and notices as well.

Canvas is a learning management system which will take care of the learning and teaching side of your child being at school every day. There are lessons, resources, online access to homework/revision, assessment tasks and schedules.

 There is also a calendar and students and parents can change their settings to be notified of any changes, announcements or assessment tasks via email and /or text. Canvas allows students and parents 24/7 access to their learning from anywhere in the world.

Other sites in out digital footprint:
We also have FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube channels and the school app. These are all used for communication, celebrations, photos and up to date information regarding arrival times for excursions out of school hours etc.


  • DoE ET4L Windows 10 network with 800 workstations and laptops
  • Over 500 BYOD including laptops and tablets
  • Desktop workstations consist of Windows 10, Office and Adobe Creative Suite plus a range of faculty specific applications.
  • Xerox copiers - enabling printing, copying and scanning.
  • Android tablets used in conjunction with the DE issued interactive classroom.
  • Two dedicated TAS computer labs - CAD lab running advanced Windows 10 workstations plus general TAS computer lab.
  • Two dedicated Visual Arts labs - digital media lab with industry standard Mac workstations plus general Visual Arts computer lab (Windows 10)
  • Dedicated Music lab
  • Photocopiers in every block - this allows students and staff to print from anywhere and then select their print job from any photocopier - colour A3 included. Students can pay for credit in the front office
  • Clickview Server with over 4000 on-line educational videos available for watching anywhere in the school or anywhere in the world via our website, on computers, iPads and iPhones.
  • Interactive Projectors, Smartboards and data projectors throughout all classrooms.

School hall has a dedicated multimedia setup with push button projector and sound system.


  • SharePoint Online - staff and student intranets and is the centrepiece of the day to day running of the school... more info
  • Sentral - student administration and enables on on-line roll marking, welfare, profiling, reports, Joomla (this website), OASIS admin... more info
  • Edval - timetable package used which provides automated scheduling, electives, room bookings, daily organisation and much more... more info
  • Canvas - delivery of electronic content and allows for virtual classrooms... more info
  • Clickview - delivers video content right to the student's device and allows for student's to create rich multimedia tasks using the content... more info
  • Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and - communication with parents and the community using social networking.
  • Smartphone Apps (Canvas and Sentral) - available for iPhone, iPad and Android