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Our library features five separate learning spaces, each uniquely designed to provide students with diverse opportunities to interact and engage with their learning. These spaces are equipped with the latest technology, abundant resources, and quiet breakout areas, creating an environment conducive to exploration and study.

Located on the ground floor of B Block, our library is easily accessible and open before school from 8:30 am, as well as during both breaks on most days. Additionally, depending on the subject and unit of work, students may have some of their classes in the library, taking advantage of the versatile learning environments, including our Virtual Reality learning space.

As a vibrant learning space, our library offers access to a wide range of resources, including laptops, computers, print materials, and digital resources such as books, magazines, board games, and reference materials. These resources cater to both school assignments and personal interests and hobbies, enriching the learning experience for all students.

Our dedicated library staff are available to assist with all your information needs, providing support and guidance to ensure that students make the most of our dynamic learning environment.


Borrowing and Returns 

At our library, students are welcome to borrow up to 5 resources for a two-week period. If you need more time with a book, just let us know – we're happy to help with a re-borrow. Returns are easy too, simply drop off items at the Returns Box located at the library entrance.

We kindly ask all parents and carers to remind their children to take good care of borrowed items and return them on time. If a book gets lost or damaged beyond repair, we'll issue an invoice for its replacement cost.

Digital Resources: Wheelers eBooks 

Enhance the reading experience with our digital ePlatform, Wheelers! Students may access the ebook catalogue 24/7 at using their DoE login and username, providing seamless and convenient access to a world of ebooks, including the latest and most popular titles.

Library Catalogue: OLIVER

Explore our comprehensive Library Catalogue - OLIVER, to find a wide array of resources including fiction, non-fiction, manga, e-books, graphic novels, and picture books. OLIVER is accessible via the student portal, allowing you to search for resources and access helpful materials for your studies. OLIVER is also the go-to place for resources to assist with assessment tasks.

Senior Fiction Collection

Some books in our Library are classified as Senior Fiction, and borrowing is restricted from this classification. Typically, these books are borrowed by students aged 15 and above due to the inclusion of mature themes and/or language. If your child expresses an interest in borrowing from this collection we require your permission. If you give consent for your child to borrow from the Senior Fiction collection, please follow the link below to complete the form. You can also choose to only give consent to borrow a particular book -  Senior Fiction Parental Permission Form



Our Library is proud to host a variety of Special Events throughout the year, featuring ever-changing displays and interactive components. These celebrations include (but are not limited to) Book Week, Education Week, NAIDOC Week, Harmony Week, Science Week, Easter, Christmas, and Halloween, to name a few.

Premiers Reading Challenge

We are enthusiastic supporters of the Premiers Reading Challenge, promoting reading and literacy skills in the library. Follow this link to learn more about supporting your child in the Premiers Reading Challenge - NSW Premier's Reading Challenge 2024 : Home (


Chess Club

Our Weekly Chess Club, led by Mrs. Howard and Ms. Lenskyj, meets for strategies and discussions on Tuesdays during Break 1. Students have the opportunity to participate in the Interschool Chess Challenge, which usually takes place at the start of the year at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College. Additionally, students can compete in the Local Chess Hunter event knockout competition. For more information, visit Interschool Chess Challenge | Sydney Academy of Chess and  NSW Junior Chess League (


Book Club

Our Book Club provides students with the opportunity to explore and share their love of reading with others while developing their literacy skills. Students also have the chance to be involved in author visits and additional activities related to the joy of reading. Book Club meets in the library on Thursdays during Break 2 with Ms. Lenskyj and Mrs. Roberts.