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Special education

Special Education Faculty

Elizabeth Hewitt

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Overview of the special education faculty

The special education faculty has one transitional classes, junior Years 7 & 8. All students access mainstream classes, sport and electives. Students are extensively supported in their learning to adhance their potential in achievement of key learning areas (KLA) outcomes. The curriculum is differentiated which focuses on the individual student’s needs,with an emphasis of student engagement and incoprotation of technology. Some students require a smaller setting in core KLA (English, Mathematics and HSIE) or others utilise the transition class for all KLA. This flexibility allows for individualised IEP’s (Individual Education Plans) to be formulised in conjunction with parent/carer and student twice yearly.

An I.O support class (the Eagles) where students with higher support needs participate in all aspects of high school life and experience all KLAs offered at Callaghan College Wallsend Campus. Students are also enrolled in mainstream classes and access the life skills syllabus. Our faculty also has three staff members that are working as STL (Support Teacher Learning) they assist students with literacy and numerous needs in the mainstream, run intensive programs and supply support in class for staff and students in both curriculum areas across all KLA. We as a faculty have an extraordinary team of School Learning Support Officers (SLSO), previously known as Teachers Aid Special, which assist and run many programs within our school. The staff are very experienced and work with students with special needs in mainstream and in the special education classes.

The staff support students in many areas from transition, accessing the curricula, social skills, even tutoring, organisational skills, mentoring, jobcoaching, community access to travel training.