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Celebrating the Sesquicentenary (150th Anniversary) of Wallsend

Let's celebrate the rich history and vibrant community of Wallsend through the power of creative writing and art! We look forward to seeing the creativity and talent of our young artists and writers as we commemorate this special milestone in the history of Wallsend.

Theme: The theme of the competition is ‘Celebrating Wallsend's Heritage and Community’. Students are encouraged to explore the post-colonial history of Wallsend, as well as the suburb's emergence as a strong multicultural community.

Competition Guidelines: Participants can choose to either create a piece of writing (poem, short story or script) or an artwork (painting, drawing, or digital art) inspired by the history and community of Wallsend. All items must the original work of the student.

Participants must select one of the historical images provided within the Wallsend 150 Years booklet as inspiration for their entry. The images within depict significant moments in Wallsend's history, showcasing its evolution over the years.

Entries should reflect the unique heritage and cultural diversity of Wallsend and should celebrate the contributions of the community to the city's growth and development.

Competition Prizes: All participants will receive a certificate of participation, with the winning three entries earning the following prizes;

  • First Prize: $200 TEEN gift card
  • Second Prize: $100 TEEN gift card
  • Third Prize: $50 Canteen Voucher

Judging: Mr Taylor and the Senior Executive will be involved in selecting the winning entries. Judging criteria will include creativity and originality around the historical theme.

Submission Details: Whether you are creating an artwork or writing piece, entering is easy. Simply complete the entry form and include with your submission. All entries must have parent/carer consent and permission to publish.

Entries should be submitted to Ms Lenskyj in the Library.

Deadline for submissions: Entries must be submitted by 2.00pm on Wednesday 5 June 2024 (T2 Wk6).

Selected entries will be recognised for their creative contributions and feature in the Wallsend 150th Anniversary Event (details to be advised), being held in August 2024.

Terms and Conditions

1. Original creative writing and artwork entries must be submitted to Ms Lenskyj in the School Library by 2pm on Thursday 5 June 2024.

2. Entry inspiration must be taken from an historical image in the Wallsend 150 Years booklet - DOWNLOAD HERE

3. Each entry must be accompanied by the official Entry Form - DOWNLOAD HERE - or collect a printed copy from the Library. 

4. Entries must have permission for the writing or artwork to be publicly displayed and reproduced by print and digital media by Callaghan College, Wallsend Heritage Group, WoW Wallsend (Wallsend Business Committee), and the City of Newcastle.


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